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Four outstanding problems in the development of stainless steel industry

Source:Wuxi Jiaborui Special Steel    Hits:     Date:2017.08.23

  Stainless steel industry development so far, there are still many problems, the general point of view, including the following four aspects:

  (A) industrial concentration at a low level, the problem of excess capacity of stainless steel is still serious

  In 2016, the stainless steel industry concentration is still low, still in the past 10 years low level. Although the stainless steel pipe and so on to the production capacity has achieved initial results, but the pattern of overcapacity did not occur a fundamental change in the industry vicious competition is still fierce.

  (B) stainless steel international trade friction intensified, export order to be standardized

  Global steel demand growth and weak steel production overweight contradictions intensify the rise of various forms of trade protectionism, international competition is more intense and complex, stainless steel international trade friction is more acute. At the same time, some domestic enterprises in the ordinary steel varieties to join the micro-alloy, posing as low-cost exports, disrupting the international and domestic market order. In 2016 the country launched a total of 117 pairs of anti-investigation, of which 49 on the steel, accounting for 42%. China's exports of stainless steel difficult to increase exports fell year on year. China's stainless steel exports in 2017 is expected to face more difficulties.

  (C) raw fuel prices rose sharply, the stainless steel industry profit margins are low

  In 2016, coke and iron ore and other raw material prices rose sharply, iron ore prices rebounded, by the end of 2016, domestic iron ore and iron ore imports of ore ore prices fell 40% over the beginning of the year and 88%. Affected by this, ferrous metal smelting and rolling processing industry profit margin of only 2.63%, 16 manufacturing sub-sectors in the lowest profit margins of the industry.

  (D) "Land Steel" chaos serious, stainless steel market environment needs to be further improved

  "Land steel" has been the ills of the stainless steel industry, seriously disrupting the stainless steel market environment. With the stainless steel pipe to work to promote the work, all over the exposed a lot of "land steel" enterprises, these enterprises not only in product quality, safety, environmental protection and other aspects do not meet the requirements, and there is no invoice tax evasion, fake high-quality enterprises Products, undocumented production and sales and other acts, seriously disrupting the market order, a serious squeeze legitimate production and management of enterprise market space, urgent need to completely banned.

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