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304 stainless steel will rust it?

Source:Wuxi Jiaborui Special Steel    Hits:     Date:2017.03.16

  In the eyes of many people, stainless steel is not rusty, because we see the life of stainless steel products used for a long time, and there is no rust phenomenon, but there are some people in the process of using stainless steel products Occasionally found the phenomenon of rust. Therefore, can not help but issue a 304 stainless steel will rust the question. In fact, the stainless steel itself is not rusty, but if it is used improperly, improper maintenance, it will make it appear on the surface "mildew" rust phenomenon, the specific reasons include the following:

  1. Stainless steel usually use, do not pay attention to protection, such as often so that some easy to corrode the material falling on its surface, such as paint, cement, etc., a long time, it will cause a certain amount of corrosion on its surface, Make it look like rusty.

  2. Stainless steel will be affected by the use of the environment, such as in some coastal areas, some bad air areas, if these areas of serious pollution, it is easy to affect the stainless steel products, so that its surface by external corrosion, make it Produce rusty phenomenon.

  Based on the above reasons, so we use the stainless steel products, but also pay attention to its protection work, do not arbitrarily let some corrosive substances, such as mud, paint to fall on the surface of the product, and once found To clean up in a timely manner, or will leave a lot of hidden dangers, it will gradually corrosion of stainless steel products, so that its surface rust.

  Therefore, for the 304 stainless steel will rust the problem, we can clearly think that under normal circumstances it is not rusty, if only the normal use, the probability of rust is very low. But if often soaked in strong acid and alkali environment, it is easy to rust, so we should pay attention to protect these products, so as not to let it rust.

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