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304 stainless steel prices by what factors?

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  Decoration of the house, now stainless steel products are using more of a material. And among the many stainless steel products, 304 stainless steel products are used more. This stainless steel products after the surface treatment, the more beautiful, popular welcome, then the 304 stainless steel prices how? Consumers are often more concerned about this issue. Affect the price of a lot of factors, including the thickness of the plate factors, as well as the surface condition is good or bad, there are different colors and so on.

  304 stainless steel prices were first affected by the thickness of stainless steel sheet. Naturally, the thicker the plate, the higher the price will be. A sub-price goods, used here is quite reasonable. This requires customers in the selection of 304 stainless steel products, the thickness of the plate must be the situation. According to the processing and production of product demand, select the appropriate thickness of the product. But can not simply pursue the thickness of the product, because if the price is too high, the invisible also increased the cost, but not easy to sell.

  And then by the 304 stainless steel products on the surface of the impact. 304 stainless steel prices are determined by its surface. 304 stainless steel surface there are many, such as a mirror surface, as well as drawing surface, different surfaces can be used to produce different products, so the price is not the same. In general, the kind of surface treatment is particularly meticulous, the price is relatively high. Users also need to select the surface of the appearance of 304 stainless steel, choose the most suitable for their own to do.

  304 stainless steel price of the last factor is the color of the. Different colors, determine the price difference. Some colors can show the grade and level of stainless steel products, such as the use of 304 star hotel in the star hotel, grade requirements are relatively high, the color also needs to be the color of the response. In addition, the requirements of different interior decoration, etc., will be different needs of the color, which determines the price of stainless steel products is not the same.

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